BCe2 installs mural in Southeast Neighborhood Park

On Tuesday, the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem completed the installation of a mural in the Southeast Neighborhood Park, thanks to the leadership of second-year intern Chloe Deardurff.

The mural project started in the Summer of 2016 when the Southeast Organized Area Residents (SOAR) expressed interest in having some display of public art in one of the neighborhood parks. Chloe took on the mural as her personal enrichment project for the summer. Her vision was to expand the project so that any institution in the Southeast neighborhood could paint a section of the mural. Chloe partnered with South Bend’s “Best. Week. Ever.” to spread the word about the mural. SOAR and The Boys and Girls Club both painted in conjunction with the event.

The goal of the Southeast Neighborhood Park mural is to give residents a sense of pride in their neighborhood. The mural was designed and installed in a way that additional pieces of the mural can be added in years to come.


01 - Installation
Installing the mural

02 - Mural

03 - Team
From left to right: Hailey Hurn, Chloe Deardurff, Sam Alptekin

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