South Bend invests $50,000 in local “business incubator”

Via WNDU and South Bend Tribune.

     A performance venue, an art gallery, a bar, a library, a co-working space, and the home of BCe2. In all, LangLab is the home to 15 startup businesses. Now, the city is going to help it renovate and expand. South Bend’s Redevelopment Commission is investing $50,000 into LangLab.
     Essentially, LangLab is a launch pad for small businesses in town. “Our interest is working with the city to support those types of businesses that are smaller,” said Stephanie Rizk, co-owner of LangLab. “[Businesses that] are more homegrown. That represent our community and will stay here throughout the duration. People that live here and work here and we want to support them and people here in South Bend.”
     While $50,000 is a lot to the average person, it’s not too risky of an investment for the city. But the investment could help take LangLab to the next level. Rami Sadek, co-owner of LangLab, says the money will go towards the areas of greatest need; repaving the parking lot, repairing leaky roofs, and other necessary things. Sadek and Rizk say they hope to open up the second floor of the building to house more small business entrepreneurs.
     “We at BCe2 are happy LangLab tenants of two years.”

     We at the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem are happy LangLab tenants of two years. We love the mix of business and arts that mingle there and are excited about the city’s investment. LangLab is a place of organic small business growth with a decidedly community ethos. Stephanie and Rami are great people and they attract an eclectic mix that just works. They are clearly working hard here in South Bend – committed to forging a better future.
     For more information on LangLab or to see a list of the events they host, you can visit their website.

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