Meet the Team: Ellen Londergan

13 - Ellen Londergan

Ellen Londergan is a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame studying Mechanical Engineering, and she describes her BCe2 experience as follows:

“Working for the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem has been a fun-filled and rewarding experience this summer. I have greatly enjoyed putting my classroom knowledge of engineering to the real world test while also being able to make a difference in a struggling community. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to further build relationships with members of the community as well as employees for the City of South Bend.

As a part of the Vacant Lot Optimization (VLO) Matrix team, I have been working on a data analysis tool that provides the best possible solutions for a given vacant lot within the Southeast Neighborhood. This issue of vacant lots plagues a numerous amount of cities around the country and can be a helpful tool for providing feasible suggestions for vacant lot usage in the future.

Overall, this internship has been highly beneficial to my experience as an undergraduate mechanical engineer getting the chance to work directly with real world engineering solutions to actual problems faced by a city. Being able to work alongside and see the physical results of all of the interns over the past weeks has made me truly proud to be a part of the BCe2 Team and impressed with all that we been able to have accomplished.”


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