Interns Tour Native Plant Nursery

Cardno Banner

On Thursday, BCe2 interns got a chance to tour the Cardno Native Plant Nursery in Walkerton, IN.

The interns learned about the products at Cardno, rain gardens, and some of the work that goes into running a native pant nursery.

We started the morning by learning about native plant seeds with our awesome “tour guide” and Nursery Operations Manager Mark O’Brien.

Cardno 1

Next, Mark showed us Cardno’s very large rain garden.

Cardno 4

After the rain garden, we went back inside to learn about some of the machinery used at a plant nursery.

Cardno 15

Then, we went back outside to take a look at Cardno’s second and smaller rain garden.

Cardno 17

Next, we headed to the greenhouses.

Cardno 25

Inside the greenhouse, we learned more about Cardno and what they do, about running a native plant nursery, and some challenges that come with running a plant nursery.

Cardno 28

We also looked at their growing process and even talked about the “art of irrigation” at a plant nursery.

Cardno 32

We even got to see the “heart of the operation” – the ladies that plant the plugs.

Cardno 37

After that, Mark told us about the eastern prickly pear cactus, which is native to Indiana!

Cardno 40

Lastly, we took a look at Cardno’s specialty crop: wetland plants.

Cardno 42

A special thanks to Mark O’Brien for giving the Bowman Creek team a tour of Cardno’s facility. We had a great time!

Cardno 43

You can check out all of the photos from the visit below.

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