UPDATE: Rain Garden 2 (Public)

The 2nd rain garden is complete! This rain garden, which is public, is located just north of Catholic Charities and one block south of St. Matthew’s Cathedral on the west side of Miami St.

When we started to dig the garden, we soon realized how difficult the task would become. Unlike the last rain garden we installed on St. Joseph St., this soil was as hard as rocks and concrete. We suspect that the remains of the building that once stood in this location were compacted into the soil with a steamroller. So we were essentially fighting a steamroller with hand tools.

We obtained a large, gas-powered garden rototiller to attempt to break up the soil. After struggling with the machine for quite some time, the soil was somewhat diggable. We eventually had to rent an auger to drill holes in the ground to break up unbelievably hard chunks of dirt. As you can see in the photos, it took four people pushing on the auger with all of their might to drill the holes. This still made the dirt just a little more workable. After two long days of hard labor, we finished the rain garden with a beautiful product to show.

Rain Garden 2 After 2


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