UPDATE: Week of 7/13/15-7/17/15

This week was very successful for us. To begin with, we landed a definite location for a residential raid garden right next to Bowman Creek. The homeowner is very enthusiastic about the project. We have also been working on adding details to the topographical map to help identify major landmarks, roads, and neighborhoods. Then on Friday we toured the Cardno Native Plant Nursery in Walkerton, IN during their large open house event. Finally, we ended the week with some experimentation with drones around Riley High School. We will use drone technology to map Bowman Creek and capture excellent high-definition video footage of the creek.

Topo Map 7-20-15
More detailed 3-D map
Boman Creek Neighborhood 2
Bowman Creek area neighborhood
Boman Creek Neighborhood w Riley
Riley High School + Bowman Creek area neighborhood
Creek Enters Parking Lot
Creek enter Riley parking lot
Riley High School
Riley High School south view

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