UPDATE: Week of 6/29/15-7/3/15

Last week we got a lot of work done on the 3-D topographical map of the Bowman Creek area. This map will help us, and community members, visualize the area surrounding the creek. The map is not finished, and we are still laser-cutting the pieces at Notre Dame this week.

Some more programming was accomplished with the MATLAB software, what we are using to model a retention pond for the creek. The retention pond will help maintain a constant flow of the creek to prevent flooding and help sustain marine life.

Last week was also the beginning of the grant writing for our project. To accomplish our goals of daylighting the creek, cleaning the creek, building retention ponds, installing rain gardens, and acquiring equipment, we will need money. A local company called enFocus will be doing grant writing for us. The grant money we hope to receive will help sustain the Bowman Creek project for years to come.


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